Tantric Ritual Massage (tantra)

Tantric Ritual Massage (tantra)

A Sensual Tantric Massage, with greater commitment from the therapist

The Tantric Ritual Massage (tantra) is a sensual tantric massage, where there is a greater commitment from the therapist. This is the most complete of our tantric massages, as it combines all the others in one experience.

This type of tantric massage requires intense bodywork and a naturist massage, which gives the client the opportunity to perform tantric touches on the masseuse's body, making the whole massage even more sensual.

Tantric massage acts through touch, tenderness and affection as a form of self-healing, promoting harmony of the senses, physical relaxation and emotional well-being.

It's important to note that tantric massage is not a sexual act, but a practice whose mission is to awaken vital energy and promote the expansion of each person's sensory awareness. This technique is an opportunity to explore sensuality in a connected and conscious way.

Let yourself be wrapped up in the sensations of tantric massage and discover new emotions that will transport you to the pleasure of the senses!


What is a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a practice that is part of the Tantra system, an ancient spiritual tradition that originated in India. Tantra covers various disciplines, including yoga, meditation and other rituals aimed at promoting spiritual growth and connection between partners.

Tantric massage is known for emphasizing the emotional and spiritual connection between people through gentle, sensual touches. For some people, the experience of tantric massage can increase awareness of their own body, improve intimacy and promote a feeling of general well-being and confidence.

Through the techniques explored in tantric massage, the whole body will be re-educated to receive touch and stimulate tactile sensitivity, favoring bioelectricity and helping to increase sexual energy and libido.

During the massage essential oils are applied all over the body. The Tantric Ritual Massage (tantra) ends with the lingam massage or the yoni massage.



  • The sharing of touch between client and therapist is present during the Tantric Ritual Massage;
  • Tantric massage helps to awaken the erogenous points of your body, promoting self-knowledge, well-being and self-confidence;
  • During and after a tantric massage, anxiety, physical tiredness and mental fatigue are eased thanks to the therapeutic power of our masseuses' sensual and gentle touches;
  • The whole experience during tantric massage can contribute to greater body awareness, spiritual growth and connection between partners;
  • Tantric Ritual Massage helps to relieve traumas and emotional blockages that may be conditioning your life and intimacy.


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