Tantric Moments Couple Massage

Tantric Moments Couple Massage

Tantric Massage to experience as a couple

Our tantric massage for couples has been specially developed to please you and your partner. It's not just a couple's massage, but a massage where magic, love and sensitivity come alive.

The Tantric Moments Couple Massage takes place in an environment designed in detail to welcome you. During the massage, two tantric therapists will perform both massages simultaneously, providing unique moments of sharing and pleasure, while applying essential oils all over the body.

We want to give you and your better half special moments of discovery and intense sharing of sensations and tantric experiences, which will certainly have a positive impact on your life as a couple.

Like other tantric massages, the Tantric Moments Couple Massage takes place on tatami, a traditional Japanese mat, and ends with a lingam massage for the man or a yoni massage for the woman.



  • Couples massage improves the quality of life for both of you;;
  • Complicity and desire increase after receiving a couples massage;
  • The Tantric Moments Couple Massage promotes mutual relaxation;
  • Couples massage increases respect and trust between partners;
  • New forms of pleasure are discovered in couple's massage;
  • The couple massage awakens and raises the libido.


Tantric Moments Couple Massage has several options, always with the aim of finding the best way to satisfy you and your partner! To give you an exceptional and truly unique moment, all our tantric massages for couples come with special offers.





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