Tantric Awareness Massage (tantra)

Tantric Awareness Massage (tantra)

Get ready to experience a mix of sensations

The tantric awareness massage performed in our space entails a mixture of sensations that will transport you to the magic of the senses. During the massage, you will delve into sacred sexuality, working all the chakras, especially kundalini energy, the vital energy that gives movement to life.

Our tantric awareness massage (tantra) is a therapy performed with slow and gentle touches along the entire body, from the pelvic region up the entire spine to the top of the head, with essential oils. It is a very relaxing massage that will stimulate the discovery of new sensations of pleasure.

The tantric awareness massage is done on tatami, a traditional japanese mat, it has a duration of 50 to 60 minutes, and ends with the tantric lingam massage or the tantric yoni massage.



  • Tantric awareness massage expands the possibilities of feeling pleasure through touch;
  • You will feel a physical, spiritual and mental balance during the tantric awareness massage;
  • Tantric awareness massage leads to a deep relaxation of body and mind;
  • Thanks to the tantric awareness massage, you will experience expanded body consciousness and total ecstasy;
  • Tantric awareness massage supports the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.


Other options for a tantric massage:



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