Sensual Massage (Exctasy)

Sensual Massage (exctasy)

The sensuality of nuru massage with hot stones

Our sensual massage exctasy combines all the sensuality of nuru massage with all the benefits of hot stone massage, providing deep relaxation and a connection between body and mind.

In the sensual massage exctasy, the therapist uses her own body to perform the massage, stimulating all your senses. In this way, your mind will experience new erotic and sensual levels, ranging from the mildest to the most intense, unleashing your deepest desires!

Hot stone massage joins forces with body to body massage to release accumulated tension and lower stress levels. The union of body heat with the heat of the stones promotes total bliss!

The sensual massage exctasy is performed on tatami, a traditional Japanese mat, with essential oils and lasts 60 minutes. Like other sensual massages, the sensual massage exctasy ends with a lingam massage or a yoni massage.



  • Relaxation with hot stones is part of the sensual massage exctasy;
  • Body to body techniques heighten the sensations in the sensual massage exctasy;
  • The combination of sensual nuru massage and hot stones will bring you to a total bliss;
  • The sensual massage exctasy is a complement to the nuru massage;
  • The sensual massage exctasy intensifies and awakens the libido.



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