Sensitive Moments Massage (tantra)

Sensitive Moments Massage (tantra)

One step ahead in Tantric Massages

The sensitive moments massage is one step ahead in tantric massages (tantra). In this massage, we develop tantric perception, intensifying sensory stimulation and producing new sensations of pleasure, through slow and gentle tantric touches throughout your body.

During the sensitive moments tantric massage, in addition to massaging the client's body with her hands, the therapist will also use other parts of her body to awaken different sensations.

Like other tantric massages, the sensitive moments massage is performed on tatami, a traditional japanese mat, and essential oils are applied all over the body.

This massage has a duration of 60 minutes, and ends with a lingam massage or yoni massage, depending on whether the client is a man or a woman.



  • In the sensitive moments massage you feel an increase in sensuality by the masseuse;
  • New means of sensory expression are worked on during the sensitive moments tantric massage;
  • Body relaxation in this massage is done in a different and creative way;
  • The sensitive moments massage helps to fight the stress and monotony of the daily routine;
  • Total relaxation is enhanced in the sensitive moments tantric massage.


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Feel new emotions on your skin! Try our Sensitive Moments Massage, available in Lisbon and Albufeira.


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