Candle massage

Available from February 2018!

Candle massage

What is candle massage?

Of American origin the candle massage consists on use of melted candle or "hot candle" for the accomplishment of the massage.

The candle heating is done until it reaches a liquid state and a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius to be applied by the body together with specific relaxation techniques.

The candles used in this massage are special and made with vegetable wax and aromatic oils that make the experience very enjoyable and pleasurable. Candle massage or (melted candle massage) can be used in some aspects of relaxation massage.

Some of the Benefits of Candle Massage:

  • The candle massage promotes the deep hydration of the skin;
  • The candle massage helps in decreased muscle pain, fatigue and stress;
  • The candle massage improves blood circulation;
  • Get a physical and mental relaxation through our candle massage.

The Candle Massage is gentle and delicate, highly relaxing and comfortable as soon as its benefits are many.

Our massage center in Lisbon will have the candle massage performed with the masseur Indira and / or Akhyla. The candle massage will be available individually, four hands massage or couple massage with candles.

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