Tips and benefits of sensual massage in Lisbon and Albufeira


Sensual massage, breaking taboos.

Sensual massage sometimes generates some taboos that have been demystified since there is nothing obscure about sensual massage.

Many times we are asked if we do the sensual massage in women, and yes of course we do. In sensual massage there is no distinction of male or female, it is for everyone as long as they are over 18 years old.

Contrary to what many people think our sensual massage is not sex.

Tips and benefits of sensual massage

After all what is a sensual massage?

Our sensual massage is done in a harmonious and welcoming environment without any preconception.

We can consider sensual massage in a physical massage with sensorial and tactile stimuli, which bring different benefits to who receives.

The body to body massage is also present in sensual massage, making the experience even more stimulating, as in Nuru massage.

Sensual massage is a journey into a world of pleasure and eroticism.

Tips for getting a sensual massage:

Our massage centers in Lisbon and Albufeira are fully equipped for your greatest well-being, so before you receive your sensual massage we always advise you to take a shower with warm water, thus initiating your relaxation and preparing the body to receive the massage.

Forget about all the problems and enjoy the moment.

Work your breath properly and initiate your physical and mental relaxation.

Get the sensual massage and do not try to massage our masseurs, they are here to make your sensual massage a unique moment.

What are the benefits of sensual massage?

Numerous are the benefits in receiving a sensual massage, we highlight the awakening of the libido and increase of the orgasmic potential of the body.

Improving mood and fighting stress are all part of the benefits of sensual massage. Improved self-esteem, confidence and self-control are worked out in sensual massage.

Come and experience some of our sensual massages (in Lisbon and Albufeira) and learn more about its benefits:

Tantric Moments – Tantric and Sensual Massage Center at Expo/Parque das NaçõesLisbon and Albufeira.


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