The art of nudism


The art of nudism in sensual and erotic massage

For us from Tantric Moments massage center and for many people around the world nudism is an art. It is a way of expressing the freedom of being, a way of being and feeling good and comfortable. So why not also incorporate the option of naked massage or nudism in our tantric and sensual massage center?

That is what we think and we develop this modality in some of our erotic and sensual massages, after all the client when receiving an erotic and sensual massage will be naked, and the intention here is to be of equal for equal, after all we are born naked and we should not have any modesty in relation to nudism.

Nudism has existed for many, many years and has to be respected, the same happens in sensual, erotic and tantric massage. We want to make it clear that in our massage center there is no sexual supplement, this is not accepted and is not present in any way in our massage center. We work with naked tantric massage, erotic and sensual massage in a serious and respectful way.

The art of nudism

When receiving a naked massage does not give the right to have any kind of relationship with our masseurs but rather to condition a greater energy and connection during sensual massage and erotic massage.

Our massage center has many aspects of tantric massage and sensual massage. Within the tantric massage we have the naturist or naked massage in the tantric ritual, the four hands massage, and couple massage. And in the sensual massage naked we have nuru massage, exctasy massage, and erotic massage mystery.

Nudism is an art of experiencing feelings and sensations.

Get undressed from body and soul here at Tantric Moments - Tantric and sensual massage center in Lisbon and Albufeira.


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