Tantric Massage in Lisbon and Albufeira


Tantric Massage

Tantric massage was developed on the basis of Tantra philosophy (Hindu behavioral philosophy that was embodied in the fifteenth century and aimed at the liberation and expansion of being, having various meanings that always surround the behavioral philosophy).

In practice tantric massage in lisbon and albufeira works with the awakening of the vital energy called kundalini, ascending from the pelvis to the upper part of the skull, that is to say an energization of the basic chakra to the primary chakra, moving the emotional, mental, energetic and physiological processes.

Orgasm is a consequence in tantric massage, and not its major goal, tantric massage seeks to sharpen sensibility, awareness and body perception through touch. Some strands of massage aim at toning the pelvic floor musculature of both men and women. In the course of tantric massage, orgasms of various forms and different intensities may occur, including dry orgasm. The unwinding of the massage is liberating and derepressing.

In tantra the whole body is conscious and must have all the attention, recognition and respect, and can not be seen as an obstacle.

Tantric massage is performed in a completely different way from conventional massage, has its own techniques, goals and principles and is considered as an alternative and complementary therapy.

Learn more about tantric massages in lisbon and albufeira:

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