Tantric Massage, and the libido!



 Tantric massage, and the libido!

The libido coming from Latin brings us the meaning of “desire and yearning” characterized by the energy present to a greater or lesser extent in all humans.

Most of our customers come to us for lack or decreased libido. And this interferes in a negative way in the couple's life and also in a personal way.

We will explain how tantric massage can help to improve libido, an essential energy for a full and healthy life.

Libido is now known to be strongly associated with emotional and psychological factors. And that some diseases may increase libido such as obsession, and hypothyroidism. Or they may also decrease libido, such as depression, cirrhosis, decreased testosterone, etc.

In women the decrease or lack of libido is very common, but little spoken and explored. Called as frigidity, or as a woman insensitive to touch and any sensory input.

Ejaculação Precoce e Massagem Tântrica

How to increase libido?

Tantric massage will act through touch, affection, affection, as a channeling form for self healing, restoring sense harmony and physical and emotional relaxation.

Through the techniques explored in our tantric massage the whole body will be reeducated in how to receive touch and stimulate tactile sensitivity, favoring bioelectricity, increasing sexual energy and consequently libido.

 Our approach to tantric massage can be individual or couple, always thinking of the greatest well-being of our customers.

Get to know all our tantric massages and choose the one that suits you best.

Tantric Moments - Tantric Massage Center at Expo/Parque das Nações, Lisboa e Albufeira.


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