P - Spot Massage, massage for men


P - Spot massage, Prostate Massage or P - Point Massage

When we talk about P - Spot massage we are referring to in the prostate massage made for men at the called P - point along with our tantric massages and lingam massage.

P - Spot Massage, prostate massage, P - point massage.

P - Spot massage, Prostate Massage, P - Point Massage

What is it, how is it made and what are the benefits of this massage for men?

The massage at the P point is the prostate massage developed together with our tantric massages and lingam massage performed only when the costumer feels free to receive and request it, allowing the masseuse to explore the full potential of one of the most sensitive male areas (the part internal and external on anal zone).

In men the massage at the P - point (male G-spot) is performed after several special maneuvers to promote pelvic relaxation and in this way do not cause any pain or discomfort for the costumer.

In alternating movements the costumer receives the prostate massage with the lingam massage, potentiating the sensations of pleasure, being able to reach dry and / or multiple orgasms with the massage at the P - point.

One of the greatest benefits in receiving the P - Spot massage is the acceptance of your own body and areas of male pleasure, breaking taboos and expanding bodily and spiritual awareness.

This massage is not sexual. We aim at your own knowledge and discovery in a natural way. The benefits of this and the tantric massages naturally happen with no effort, with continuous work.

P - Spot massage available at all tantric massages at our massage centers.

Discover yourself, innovate, feel new emotions on your skin. Visit one of our massage centers.

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