Massage with pindas. A relax massage!


Massage with pindas is an excellent option for those looking for a relaxing massage.

Of oriental origin, the massage with pindas has very interesting characteristics that anyone and anyone who likes massages should try. It can have an aphrodisiac, stimulating, reductive, and relaxing. Being one of the novelties in our massage centers in Lisbon.

Massage with pindas. A relax massage!


Pindas, are small sacks of own fabrics that contain coarse salt or rice inside, along with aromatic herbs and or spices, not to exceed the mixture of three herbs and spices, selected individually by the customer's need. Pindas can be made in different sizes to suit the body shape that will be used.

Among the herbs that we can use we find chamomile, orange blossom, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, lemongrass, Jasmin etc. The most commonly used spices are cinnamon, coffee and pepper. Always varying from person to person.

The massage with pindas from ancient Oriental therapies believed to have been developed in India through Ayurvedic medicine, being an excellent option for a holistic therapy.


  • The pindas will be preheated with this will have a natural enlargement of the pores of the skin, promoting better absorption of oils and herbs, facilitating muscle relaxation and articulate.
  • Promote physical and mental well-being
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Energize energies
  • Body scrub

The pindas massage in Lisbon lasts 60 minutes.

Experience pindas massage at one of our massage centers in Lisbon with masseurs specializing in Spa Rituals. We look forward to you in an extremely comfortable space so you can relax and enjoy unique moments of relaxation.

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