Mantra and tantric massage (Tantra)


Mantra are repeated sounds used to enter into a meditative state.

Mantra, Origin

The word mantra comes from Sanskrit as an instrument for conducting the mind, composed of the syllables "man" (mind) and "tra" (protection). Of Hindu origin being also used in Buddhism, tantrism (tantra, tantric yoga, tantric massage etc.) among other religions and behavioral practices.

Mantra and tantric massage (Tantra)

Mantra, what is it?

Mantra are repeated sounds used to enter into a meditative state.

An example of a mantra is the repetition of the sacred syllable "Om," probably the best-known mantra used to induce inner peace and tranquility.

The mantras were written thousands of years ago by the gurus and masters of India.

There are mantras for various purposes such as stimulating wisdom, prosperity, developing chakras, mantra for energizing, awakening, falling asleep etc.

The repetition of mantras penetrates us through the unconscious, basically the sound creates the form, and its benefits are attributed by the daily use of the mantra.

Mantra and tantric massage (Tantra):

In our tantric massage we use special mantras and songs to get in touch with the inner self promoting a greater connection between body and mind.

Are there any specific mantra you would like to hear during your tantric massage? Bring us and enjoy your tantric massage on the sound that pleases you.

Tantric Moments - SPA / Tantric massage center in Lisbon and Albufeira.


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