Male to male - Men's Massage in Lisbon


How about getting out of the rut?
Try something new?
Breaking taboos?

Try a male to male massage with our male masseuse.

A new bet from our massage center in Lisbon to meet you in the most possible pleasant way.

The male to male massage presents itself with a distinctive, sensitive and firm touch while at the same time ideal for those who seek to feel the masculine touch in the pleasure of massages whatever.

Indicated for all men stripped of preconception in order to develop sacred sexuality, and to expand the energetic flow through tantric massage. Or simply relax and unwind with a sensual massage.

The men's massage is performed in a fully equipped space and thought of their greater well being, being only necessary to bring their good disposition.

Regardless of sexual orientation we invite all our client to try a male to male massage with our masseuse Mira.

Male to male, Massages:

Why a male to male massage?
Because a man knows the body of another man, intensifying his sensations.

Tantric Moments - Tantric and Sensual massage center in Expo/Parque das NaçõesLisbon and Albufeira.


Male to male - Men's Massage in Lisbon

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