Dictionary Tantra and Chakras, Maithuna, Kundalini, Lingam


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It is common to speak the names used in Tantra both in the calls that we receive in our massage center and when the customer arrives at our center to receive the tantric massage. So let us explain to you the meaning of the words used in Tantra from Sanskrit to better introduce you to the world of Tantra.

Dictionary Tantra and Chakras, Maithuna, Kundalini, Lingam


Kundalini is the very powerful and sacred energy, located at the base of the spine, but precisely at the coccyx (muladhara chakra). Kundalini is known as a coiled snake, tantra massage seeks to awaken this powerful energy by driving it from the bottom up through the chakras to the top of the head to release endorphins, activate the pineal gland, promote the expansion of consciousness and emotional release, and physical.


Maithuna in tantra can be considered as a ritual of sexual union between the man (Shiva) and the woman (Shakiti). Shiva representing the active force and Shakiti the passive force. The Maithuna ritual is considered by many writers as mental and symbolic, not necessitating physical union. The energy transfer is done through the bodies and with the retention of ejaculation or dry orgasm (promoting vitality, increasing the physical disposition etc). The maithuna ritual is usually practiced by tantra adepts for hours and hours.


Chakras or Chacras are energy points or meridians very worked in the Tantra because they diffuse the "prana" energy throughout the body in order to nourish the organs and systems. Many chakras are present in our body, however 7 are considered the largest and go from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The most important and explored chakras in Tantra

  •  Muladhara
    Located in the perineum, known as the root chakra or first chakra related to the vitality of the body.
  • Svadisthana
    Located below the navel, known as the second chakra related to the creation of sexual energy.
  • Manipura
    Located in the solar plexus or above the navel, known as the third chakra and is related to emotion (anxiety, sadness, anger, distress ...)
  • Anahata
    Located at the height of the heart, known as the fourth chakra and is related to love and dedication.
  • Vishuddha
    Located in the throat, the fifth chakra is related to communication and understanding.
  • Ajna
    Located in the third eye or between the eyebrows, the sixth chakra is related to intuition and thoughts.
  • Sahasrara
    Located at the top of the head, the seventh chakra is related to the divine light and expansion of consciousness.
  • Lingam
    Lingam in tantra refers to the male genital organ, tantric massage in the penis or penile massage. The lingam massage promotes several benefits for the man.
  • Yoni
    Yoni no tantra represents the female genital organ, tantric massage in the vagina and pelvic floor or perineum. The Yoni massage brings countless benefits to the woman.
  • Sadhana
    Sadhana consists in the practice of tantra or yoga every day. Sadhana may be considered the assiduous practitioner of tantra or yoga for the purpose of achieving its goals.
  • Pranayama
    Pranayama means the control of the respiratory rate, much used in yoga. Prana: "source of energy" and Yama: "discipline". Pranayama in tantra is used to control breathing, the senses and meditation.

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