Tips and benefits of sensual massage in Lisbon and Albufeira


Sensual massage sometimes generates some taboos that have been demystified since there is nothing obscure about sensual massage.

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Mantra and tantric massage (Tantra)


Mantra are repeated sounds used to enter into a meditative state.

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Couples massage and benefits for them


The couple massage can be a strong ally in improving the quality of life of the couple, a break away from the routine, bring the couple together and keep them closer.

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Benefits of Lingam or Penile Massage


The lingam massage is the penile massage performed in the lingam totally different from a conventional massage, bringing innumerable benefits to the man.

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Orgasm Vs. Ejaculation


The subject ejaculation and male orgasm often creates some controversy among people in the current world.

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Tantric Massage in Lisbon and Albufeira


In practice tantric massage works with the awakening of the vital energy called kundalini.

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