Tantric Massage, and the libido!


Tantric massage can aid in lack of libido.

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4 tips to get a good Tantric Massage


A good tantric massage does not depend exclusively on the masseur, but on the client and the masseur in a whole.

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5 differentials of nuru massage


In addition to being extremely sensual and erotic the nuru massage stimulates the receptivity to the touch body to body.

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Dictionary Tantra and Chakras, Maithuna, Kundalini, Lingam


Let us explain to you the meaning of the words used in Tantra from Sanskrit to better introduce you to the world of Tantra.

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10 Questions and Answers about Tantric Massage (Tantra)


With questions that we are frequently asked, we have developed a question and answer guide of tantric massage.

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Premature ejaculation and tantric massage


How can tantric massage help in the treatment of premature ejaculation?

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