Benefits of yoni massage


Benefits of yoni massage

Many are women who ask us about what to expect from the yoni massage.

So we decide to explain if that is also your question.

The yoni massage is a tantric massage that will assist women in sexual dysfunctions, among them vaginismus, anorgasmia, decreased libido, dysfunctions that are often associated with emotional blockages.

It will help awaken your sexual energy, kundalini, by distributing all this energy through the body.

The work done in yoni massage is done together, therapist and client, body and mind, dissolving taboos and stimulating all their sensitivity and awareness.

Improving your self-esteem also becomes noticeable in this massage, allowing the woman to trust and indulge in a new sense of pleasure, promoting self-knowledge and expansion of her being, turning fear away from guilt and oppressive feelings hindering the person To be realized.

Yoni massage available at Tantric Moments Lisbon and Tantric Moments Albufeira.

Tantric Moments - Sensual and Tantric massage center in Lisbon and Albufeira


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