Benefits of Lingam or Penile Massage


Get to know the Lingam or Penile massage and know what your benefits are


The word "lingam" is the name given to the male genital organ by Hindus of Sanskrit origin, symbolizing masculine energy and representing the divinity of Shiva (One of the main Gods of Hinduism). Lingam can be considered the "phallus" of Shiva or his support column.

The Lingam for the Hindus represents creation, the union of heaven and earth, fertility, of a sacred (non-sexual) character. In India a temple was built for its representation, the Brihadisvara temple or Lingam temple that completed a millennium in 2010, and was the first great granite temple in the world built by King Chola Rajaraja Chola I between 1003 and 1010.

Lingam Massage

The lingam massage is the penile massage performed in the "lingam" totally different from a conventional massage, bringing innumerable benefits to the man.

The touch developed in the lingam massage is developed individually and specifically for each one always seeking to help you discover new sensations, muscle toning, delay ejaculation and prolongation of the erection. The lingam massage or penile massage seeks a greater connection between body and mind trying to unlink pleasure only in the genital area.

The hands are used in tantric massages and lingam massage as a means to channel and carry energy throughout the body not getting solely and exclusively in the lingam penis. The hot oil used helps to promote greater body relaxation by relieving accumulated stress.

The purpose of lingam massage is not to promote orgasm, but it is natural that it occurs and in many ways, in tantra we believe that the whole body is orgasmic, and there is no embarrassment or taboos about orgasm during penile massage, it is necessary that There is respect between client and therapist.

In Tantric Moments the lingam massage has no sexual connotation and it is a penile massage, not a masturbation, the work carried out by our team is totally therapeutic and meets the needs of each one in a unique way and stipulated by means of a brief conversation (anamnesis) before the lingam massage.

Experience true lingam massage / penile massage in Lisbon and Albufeira.

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Benefícios da Massagem Lingam / Peniana

Benefits of Lingam Massage

  • Erection prolongation
  • Genital muscle toning
  • Helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation
  • Improvement in self-knowledge of the body
  • Improvement in sexual and personal quality of life (self-confidence)
  • Helps in the treatment for anorgasmia
  • In the Shyest Helps Improve Shyness about Body Exposure
  • Improvement in sexual impotence

Here are some benefits that lingam massage can bring to you, however we emphasize that these benefits vary from person to person and under the circumstances in which each problem arose, whether physical or psychological. Tantric massage lingam acts as a complementary therapy, often you notice its benefits as soon as the first session, in other cases we advise several sessions.


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