4 tips to get a good Tantric Massage


A good tantric massage does not depend exclusively on the masseur, but on the client and the masseur in a whole.

Nowadays much talk about tantric massage and the numerous benefits, the sensations of pleasure that one has in a session of tantric massage, the intense orgasms, the sensuality, etc. The truth is that a good tantric massage does not depend exclusively on the masseur, but on the client and the masseur in a whole. Putting all expectations into the masseur is like a step into the abyss. So let us guide you so that you can open yourself to the Tantra world in the best way.

4 tips to get a good Tantric Massage

  1. Keep eye contact
    It seems a bit obvious, but the truth is that keeping eye contact during tantric massage for some people is a real challenge. The eye contact in the tantra massage makes the experience more intense, increasing the intimacy of the session.
  2. Deep diaphragmatic breathing
    A good respiratory control is fundamental for the better oxygenation of the cells of our body, increasing the energetic flow. During the tantric massage session practice diaphragmatic breathing (that done by the abdomen) slowly and deeply. This will help you even control your orgasm, boosting your sensations of pleasure and promoting a much more intense and prolonged orgasm.
  3. Explore your senses

    Tantra promotes an emotional and sensory experience, so we work comfortably in a fully equipped environment so that your experience is wonderful, ambient music, aroma oils, utensils used to increase your sensitivity, touch at various intensities. But you need to be fit for it. Often people appear to want to receive a tantric massage but they do not want to disconnect from social networks or want to stay to respond to email, do not want music etc., it seems crazy but it happens every day. So enjoy the environment prepared for you

  4. Feel the Touch
    The touch is present from start to finish in tantric massage, the goal and focus is to make you have countless sensations, that there is greater connectivity with your inner self, feel the touch of each masseur and do not worry in touching the masseur, she is there to do the massage, and not receive a massage. Be aware that each person has their own touch and their own energy. Every touch and movement in tantra has an intention and it is up to you to feel it and unravel it.

Visit us and put our tips into practice.

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