Mantra and Tantric Massage (Tantra)

Discover the points of convergence between Mantra and Tantric Massage and embark on a journey towards the connection between body and mind.

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Couples massage and benefits for them

The couple massage can be a strong ally in improving the quality of life of the couple. Find out how to escape the routine while getting closer to your better half and strengthening your relationship!

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Benefits of Lingam or Penile Massage

Lingam massage is a penile massage performed on the lingam, the male sexual organ. This massage is totally different from a conventional massage and has numerous benefits for the man who receives it.

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Orgasm Vs. Ejaculation

The topic of ejaculation and male orgasm often generates controversy among people. Understand the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and learn about the benefits of Tantric Massage for both.

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Tantric Massage in Lisbon and Albufeira

In practice tantric massage works with the awakening of the vital energy called kundalini.

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Benefits of yoni massage

The yoni massage is a tantric massage that will assist women in sexual dysfunctions.

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