10 Questions and Answers about Tantric Massage (Tantra)


Tantric Massage Questions and Answers Guide

In our massage center we are always asked about some questions about tantric massage. So we tried to elaborate a guide between questions and answers about tantric massage.

Ten Questions and Answers about Tantric Massage (Tantra)

  1. I have never had contact with Tantric massage, can I receive it?
    Yes, you can receive a tantric massage at any time as long as you are 18 years old and open for self-knowledge. No previous experience is required on tantra.
  2. How will I be dressed when receiving tantric massage (Tantra)?
    To receive tantric massage first you will have to be comfortable with your own body, you will be naked or in underwear. If you choose to stay in underwear during the massage you can withdraw because the lingam / Yoni massage are massages done on the genitals and should be done with the naked body.
  3. Can I choose not to receive the lingam / Yoni massage?
    Yes, of course you can choose not to receive the Lingam massage and Yoni massage, in our massage center the most important is your well - being. Feel free to talk about Lingam massage and Yoni massage with our masseur.
  4. Can I achieve orgasm in tantric massage?
    Yes. Orgasm is not the purpose of tantric massage, but it is natural that it occurs and there is no embarrassment if it occurs. In fact often multiple dry orgasms may occur during tantric massage.
  5. Can I touch the genitals of the masseur during tantric massage?
    NO. Tantric Moments prides itself on being a massage center with serious work in the tantric massage area, and our purpose is not sexual. Our masseurs are not here for this purpose and are free to end tantric massage if they fail to respect.
  6. Tantric massage is sex?
    NO. Many places use tantra for other purposes, Tantric Moments as a massage center does not lend itself to this service and there is no sexual intercourse, and we advise you not to visit us if it is of interest to you.
  7. Can I take a shower after tantric massage?
    Yes and should, because it is a very intimate massage, the hygiene is essential to receive a tantric massage, and should take a bath before and after.
  8. Can I do a couple tantric massage?
    Yes, on our massage center we have all the options available for tantric massage for the couple. We make no distinction to receive the massage and may choose to stay in the same office or in separate offices.
  9. How long does tantric massage last?
    Usually tantric massage lasts for 60 minutes if you want more time is possible and we ask you to let us know before starting the massage for a better time management.
  10. What are the benefits of tantric massage (Tantra)?
    Many are the benefits of tantric massage and we try to explain them in our curiosity and news so check our texts and learn more about tantra.

If you have any questions about tantra do not hesitate to contact us.

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